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What is an affiliate link?

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Unlike many other sites, I ONLY RECOMMEND products that are of utmost quality. SiteGround hosting is a great example – their hosting service is awesome and affordable, and they provide stellar customer/technical support. In fact, I use SiteGround to host this site and a few others.

I believe in total transparency, and really want you to choose the best possible options for your website.

Many sites recommend BlueHost because they receive generous affiliate commissions for referral sales they generate. BlueHost SUCKS, and you should never buy their hosting service. You will never be able to rely on their service, and you’ll waste tons of time waiting for their customer support to NOT ANSWER your questions.

Please know that when you purchase anything through affiliate links on MPR Studio, you can rest assured that you’re getting something which we stand behind wholeheartedly.

One site claims to be a “People First” company, and they recommend BlueHost. They are doing their readers a huge disservice by recommending such a crappy product.

Note: BlueHost used to be a great host. Then, they were purchased by EIG, a publicly traded company which has a habit of buying great hosting companies and completely destroying them. DO NOT purchase hosting service from any of the hosts listed in this post.

Does it cost me more?

No. When you purchase anything through our referral links, it will cost you the exact same amount as if you were to purchase the product by going directly to the seller’s site.

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My main goal with this site is to help as many people as possible get the most out of self-hosted WordPress. I spend a lot of time writing in-depth tutorials to show people step-by-step how to do all kinds of super helpful things using the WordPress CMS.

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  2. If you’re going to buy a product we recommend, please purchase them through our affiliate links.
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If you find MPR Studio helpful, we’d greatly appreciate it if you help support us so we can continue to create super-helpful, in-depth WordPress tutorials.

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