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Your site’s Local SEO Score is a new concept in baselining and monitoring how effective your website is at pulling in local traffic for any keyword in any city you do business. Today, it is the most important metric for any company trying to gain a larger share of their local market.

Fill out the form below with your full name, email, company name (as it appears in your Google Business Profile) and website URL so we can send you your free score. You’ll receive your 3-element Local SEO Score and a map like the one below showing how your business ranks for your best non-brand keyword across a 50 square mile area.

    The Local SEO score is a measure of how well your site ranks versus local competition and is fast becoming the de facto standard for accurately monitoring how effective your investments in content marketing and SEO are when the rubber hits the road.

    Once you know how your site performs it’s easy to create plans to beat the competition wherever it makes sense to expand your operation digitally. There is no more efficient or effective way for a small, local business to grow and expand than through aggressive SEO targeting of weak competitive websites.

    Website Performance for keyword [emergency plumber near me] in the suburbs of Milwaukee WI

    Local SEO Score:
    ARP: 6.89; ATRP: 10.06; SoLV: 16.33

    ARP Average Rank Position is the website’s average position in Local Pack SERPs if it was found in the area
    ATRP Average Total Rank Position is the average position in Local Pack SERPs whether it was found in the area or not
    SoLV is the Share of Local Voice and is a percentage of the number of times the website ranks in the top 3 positions

    Local SEO Score for emergency plumber near me in Milwaukee suburbs.
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