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Marshall Reyher – WordPress Web Developer & Graphic Designer

WordPress web developer & graphic designer Marshall Reyher

Marshall is the inspiration behind MPR Studio and the lead creative in web development and graphic design. He is also responsible for the extensive WordPress teaching content available on our site.

Marshall is a Hoosier currently living in Poland where he graduated from the Warsaw School of Photography and the Warsaw Publishing Institute.

Marshall formed MPR Studio to help bridge the gap between WordPress developers and clients who needed web development resources plus additional help with the creative side of their website, including design aesthetics, landing page function, photographic editing, and graphic design. MPR Studio’s customer first ethos comes directly from Marshall who strives to ensure every customer receives truly personal service from the initial phase of job specification, all the way to completion. Customers who design their website with MPR Studio can expect full KPI feedback on the goals set at initiation of the job through to completion.

P.S. My fine art photography has moved to a new home.

Sandy Templeton – SEO Specialist

Sandy is an SEO specialist with particular interest in Local SEO. He has worked in digital marketing for more than a decade and helped many clients come to realize how reliable a tool Local SEO is to boost Google search performance and ultimately generate business organically from a website.

Sandy is a Scottish native living in northern Minnesota with a degree in electrical engineering and a teaching degree in physics. The dynamics and promises of Local SEO are in his opinion the missing link for many small, local businesses looking to rise above their online competition while maintaining expenses and keeping a close watch on return on investment. Sandy believes investment in Local SEO is the no brainer every single company selling to a local audience should be using to develop customer relationships and improve their bottom line.

About Our Website

The WordPress Blog is where you’ll find our thoughts on how to build a WordPress website and how it should evolve using up to the minute techniques like Schema markup and Yoast SEO.

The WordPress Tutorial section is essentially client FAQs turned into a guide showing how to accomplish many of the functions essential for a modern website. Articles like No Follow links, Building an email List, Creating a Contact Form and many others are popular.

Use these tutorials to step through the most common processes your new website needs, and if you ever have questions, contact us for immediate help.

The Local SEO Blog is where you’ll find compelling ideas on how to optimize your website to rank well in Google’s Map Pack. This is the trifecta of websites shown at the top of Google’s SDERPs. Getting your site ranked here is critical to local success, especially if most searches for your product or service are made by smartphone. We’ll show you why you need to understand your local online competition and explain why it’s not so important to have the best site in the nation on your niche. We only need to beat the two or three sites that currently occupy the Map Pack. Smaller targets mean it’s always easier and cheaper to have great organic rank locally than nationally. We’ll show you why so few website and business owners seem to know this! Once you understand how Local SEO works, the chances are high you’ll be in the Map Pack for every money-making keyword for your product or service. It’s been a game changer for many local businesses, and at MPR Studio we’re very proud to show our clients how to win big.

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