Graphic and Web Designer Marshall P. ReyherHi, I’m Marshall, the creative professional behind MPR Studio.

My creative career started in late 2000 in Warsaw, Poland, where I laid-out the pages of a specialized trade publication, scanned and edited imagery and took photographs for a variety of business stories. While living in Warsaw, I attended both The Warsaw Publishing Institute and The Warsaw School of Photography.

With my extensive experience in graphic design, image editing & writing, I offer a wide range of creative services to both individual & business clients. I pride myself on providing truly personalized service, and will work closely with you to ensure I exceed your expectations in all aspects of each project.

I look forward to learning about your goals and helping to realize them. If you have questions about my services, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

WordPress blog

I started to blog about WordPress in early 2017 because the CMS is truly awesome, and I want to help others harness its power.

I aim to provide the most in-depth WordPress tutorials possible, and also offer FREE WordPress Setups to help you get your website up and running quickly and effectively. 

P.S. My fine art photography has moved to a new home.