Add Schema Markup (Structured Data) to your WordPress Site

We are now offering schema markup service, where we add structured data to your WordPress site, and configure it for pages, posts, products and more. Schema markup helps Google analyze your site content much more easily, which gives you an SEO advantage.

A very small percentage of sites online contain schema markup, so adding it can give you a sizable edge over your competition.

The types of schema that can be set up for your site include the following:

  • Review – This is great if you review products, movies, books, music on your site.
  • Local Business – If you operate a local business, this markup can give you a boost in local search results.
  • Article/Blog Post – Ideal for news sites and blogs to help enhance the appearance of posts in search results.
  • Service – If you provide a service, this schema will help Google serve up information about it.
  • Product – Provide detailed information about any products you offer.
  • Course – This schema is great for online or in-person courses.
  • Recipe – Display your recipes as rich snippets in search results.
  • Person – Show specific information about a person with this schema.
  • Job Postings – Add structured data for job openings.
  • Software Application – Enhance search results for your software applications.
  • Book – Make books on your site stand out in Google.
  • Event – Add schema to your events to make them stand out in search results.
  • Video Object – Add structured data to video content.

What is structured data?

Structured data (also called schema markup) is code which makes it easier for Google to crawl, organize and show your site content.

It provides search engines with extra information to help them identify what your data means. Without schema markup, search engines only know what your data says, but they have to dig deeper to determine the reason it’s there.

By adding schema markup code to your website, you’re making it really simple for Google to understand all of your content.

Schema markup service

When you sign up for our schema markup service, we analyze your site content, and then add relevant structured data to your entire website.

Our schema markup service starts at $100. Fill out the form below to get a quote based on your site content.

    I'm not sureReviewLocal BusinessArticle/Blog PostServiceProductCourseRecipePersonJob PostingsSoftware ApplicationBookEventVideo Object

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