WordPress Support and Maintenance

We provide top-notch, ongoing support and maintenance for your WordPress website starting at $69 per month, which includes up to 1 hour of website updates.

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*Plans are billed on a monthly subscription basis through PayPal, but you DO NOT need an account.

WordPress Support Request

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    Total protection and peace of mind

    Our WordPress support lets you focus on what’s important – your business. We will ensure that your site is running smoothly, and that everything is up-to-date. Should any issues arise, we will promptly resolve them so you don’t have to worry.

    Do you currently have a tech-savvy person whose responsibilities include keeping your website updated and optimized?

    Leaving your WordPress website unattended without routine updates and maintenance is risky, and can leave your site prone to malicious attacks. With our WordPress support plan, you will have peace of mind knowing that your site is being proactively monitored in the event that a problem arises.

    You will also have someone who is essentially “on-call” if you need emergency help with anything.

    Can’t I just maintain my site by myself?

    While you can maintain your site by yourself, it can be time-consuming, especially when unexpected problems arise. Leave it up to me instead, and spend your time tending to your business. I’m a full-time freelance web designer with extensive experience working on WordPress sites, and I’ll make sure your site is running smoothly and free of glitches.

    What does WordPress maintenance include?

    Check out all the benefits of our dedicated WordPress maintenance below.

    Site updates and edits

    This includes any time spent adding or editing content, coding, design work, consulting, optimizing site performance, etc. It is beyond the scope of general site maintenance tasks, such as troubleshooting issues that may arise, restoring your site and other general maintenance tasks.

    Any hours needed beyond those included in your plan will be billed at $65/hour. While the hours in your plan don’t roll over from month to month, I am fair and will always take into account average monthly hours spent on site updates before charging for additional time.

    Priority, dedicated support

    When you sign up for one of our maintenance plans, you’ll receive priority support for any site issues you may experience. Support requests are handled in the order in which they are received, and I’m always quick to respond (unless I’m sleeping). Whether you have questions, need technical issues fixed or if your site is down, I’m here to help make sure any issues are resolved quickly and easily.

    Automated cloud backups

    Losing your website really sucks, so it’s imperative to back it up on a regular basis. We create complete backups for your site on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and will quickly restore it if something goes wrong.

    Regular theme and plugin updates

    WordPress themes and plugins can be vulnerable to malicious attacks, so it’s very important to keep them up-to-date. Your site will be checked on a weekly basis for any updates that are needed for WordPress core, plugins and themes. Updates don’t always go as planned, but you can rest assured that I will fix any issues that arise and roll back the updates if need be.

    Database optimization

    Spam comments, page and post revisions and other unnecessary junk can slow down your site, and make your MySQL database larger than it needs to be. I will optimize your MySQL database on a regular basis to make sure that your site is running at optimal performance.

    *There are other factors that can contribute to site performance, including hosting, as well as the theme and plugins your site is using.

    Google Analytics setup and reporting

    We will install Google Analytics, and provide you with monthly reports with insights into your website traffic.

    Submitting your site to Google Search Console

    We’ll also add your site to Google Search Console, which helps us identify opportunities to improve your site’s on-page SEO, and will notify us of any problems on your site.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    If you have any questions not covered here, please contact me.

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